Arthur Ashe Boulevard
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2019 Arthur Ashe Boulevard
Celebration: June 20-22

We did it, RVA! Let’s celebrate making history!

The 2019 Arthur Ashe Boulevard Celebration will host a series of events to celebrate and commemorate the unveiling of Arthur Ashe Boulevard and the purpose in his life.

So, what does this mean to you? Let your voice be heard. Please record a 15-30 second video expressing what this moment in history means to you. Click the link below for details and instructions.

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Community Sponsors & Supporters

The Mission:
Make history in RVA!


Arthur Ashe Jr.’s exemplary life was filled with great accomplishments, fueled by a desire to transcend loss and obstruction with class and humility.  

One of Richmond, Virginia’s brightest beacons, he is canonized in the world of sports and revered as an advocate for civil and human rights. The mission of the Arthur Ashe Boulevard initiative is to continue this recognition by renaming one of our city’s most visible travel corridors in his honor.


Why Arthur Ashe?

Arthur Ashe Jr.’s character and legacy are tied to the foundational roots of Richmond, and he has given us the blueprint of how to be a great city:

LIVE PURPOSELY – in everything we do, we must remain constant to the values of our purpose.

LIVE GENEROUSLY – every ounce of who we are must be relentless in the pursuit of giving to others.

LIVE INTENTIONALLY – we must be royal in our actions while remaining humble.


Why this moment?

As we commemorate the 400 years since the first slaves were brought to Virginia, we admire the legacy of these great individuals. We are thankful for their perseverance and determination, and we stand on the shoulders of their significance. It’s our responsibility to ensure that the legacy of our ancestors remain as the foundation of Richmond. Let’s celebrate this 400-year legacy, as it lifts us up to this precise instance in time where the intersection of the past and the future meet the present – the exact moment to do what is right.

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What does this mean?

It means together, we will see Richmond transform – and show the world what can be done when we collectively come together as people, hearing and loving each other, caring and trusting in the true good of each of us. That in itself is going to help us encourage our communities, empower our youth and intentionally raise our city toward greatness. No longer will we aspire to be other cities; other cities will aspire to be Richmond by the examples and actions we set forth, together.



We’re eager to share the many ways you can support this initiative and make a positive contribution to his legacy and your city.